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003 Commercial Excavating Overview

We did this Large Commercial Excavating project in the past. Altogether, for construction costs and any questions, please contact the sales department. We also offer smaller and larger scale Excavating services. In Addition below is a breakdown of information of the Job ID # 003. Finally, Contact us for more details and a free quote.

003 Commercial Excavating


  • Job Type : Commercial
  • Service: Excavating
  • Concrete Color : N/A

Also Sizing Details:

  • Total Square Feet : N/A
  • Length : N/A
  • Width : N/A
  • Depth : N/A

Lastly Location Details:

  • Company : N/A
  • City : N/A
  • State : N/A
  • Zip Code : N/A

003 Commercial Excavating

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Ondeck Concrete is a highly reputable concrete company that offers a wide range of services for commercial clients. We specialize in various concrete works, including Flatwork, Poured Walls, and others.

Aside from our concrete services, we also provide top-notch excavating, hauling, and snow removal services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure a job well done. Our team of experts are highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated, and we always strive to complete every project on time and within budget.

As a subdivision of PPB, we have access to allow us to provide exceptional services to our clients. Whether you’re looking for a new concrete project, excavation, hauling, and/or snow removal, Ondeck is the go-to company that you can trust for all your needs.

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